Fracking Not Adversely Affecting Air Quality in Colorado

An air quality assessment released in March 2018 by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) finds a new oil and natural gas development near Battlement Mesa in Garfield County is a “low risk” for “long-term harmful health effects due to [volatile organic compound] exposure.”

Energy Industry Safety

​The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the oil and natural gas industry is safer than construction, agriculture, manufacturing, leisure and hospitality and educational and health services. ​Over the past decade, the oil and natural gas industry’s incident rate has decreased by 41%, while doubling the size of its workforce and increasing overall production … Continued

Fourteen Rulemakings in Eight Years

The State of Colorado is a national leader in its commitment to fostering safe and responsible development of Colorado’s oil and gas resources. Over the past eight years Colorado has implemented precedent-setting regulations from baseline groundwater testing and monitoring to air regulations targeting methane leak detection and repair.

Enforcing Colorado 811 Requirements

Bipartisan legislation signed into law which established an independent Safety Commission and strengthened enforcement related to the excavation of underground facilities, including oil and natural gas flowlines by local communities, builders, and property owners.