Responsible energy development helps Colorado prosper while protecting and preserving communities

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The climate is changing. And Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry is part of the solution. We are cutting emissions, restoring the land after drilling, and reducing our impact. Because one dream we all have is to protect the world we all share.

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The Power of Colorado Oil & Natural Gas

What is fracking? How does fracking work? What is fracking fluid? Is fracking regulated?

Get the answers to these questions and more and read up on the facts about fracking in Colorado—from our strong regulations to how it powers our economy and supports our communities. Also see how Colorado schools, parks, and communities benefit from the energy our state provides.

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Colorado Oil & Natural Gas Facts


Jobs supported by Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry


Emissions reduced in Colorado thanks to natural gas

$31 Billion

Contributed to Colorado’s economy by oil and natural gas