Former Governors agree: Fracking works for Colorado

By Governors Roy Romer and Bill Owens

As a Democrat and Republican and both former governors of the great state of Colorado, we’re here to tell you that the majority of Coloradans want elected officials willing to compromise.

In 2014, a Bipartisan Policy Center survey found over 60% of voters indicated they want Washington to “work across party lines and engage in give-and-take to try to come up with solutions.”

Fracking is one of the few issues Republicans and Democrats already agree on. The majority of elected officials believe the energy boom created by fracking has helped pull America out of the recession and put us on the path to energy independence.

And here in Colorado, voters don’t have to choose between these economic benefits and a pristine environment. Thanks to strong regulations and advances in fracking technology, we can have both. Yet, opponents of fracking are told voters they needed to choose. This falsity spiraled into local fracking bans and moratoriums that threaten our economy—a threat that continues to grow.

We reject the false choice and urged Coloradans to come together in the spirit of pragmatism and compromised to find a solution that meets both sides’ demands—a solution that put both our economy and environment first.

Roy Romer served as Governor of Colorado from 1987-1999. Bill Owens served as Governor of Colorado from 1999-2007.


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