Fracking benefits Colorado small businesses

Steady job growth is crucial to Colorado’s economy. It’s what makes our state’s economy one of the top five in the nation and supports all kinds of small businesses.

This growth is made possible by Colorado’s responsible energy development and fracking. More than 99% of employers in our state are small businesses, employing one million Coloradans.

But these businesses can’t do it alone. Thanks to natural gas unlocked by fracking, Colorado companies are able to cut their energy costs and hire more employees.

This crucial energy source won’t run out anytime soon. Our state is home to an abundance of natural gas—more than 66 trillion cubic feet. That’s enough to heat nearly 994 million homes. The more energy our state has, the cheaper the costs are for Colorado businesses.

In fact, fracking has helped make Colorado’s energy bills some of the lowest in the nation. With energy costs this low, Colorado’s small businesses are able to thrive.

When small businesses are able prosper and grow, they’re able to hire more Coloradans and our state’s economy benefits. Lower energy prices from fracking will help reduce costs for Colorado small businesses and manufacturers for years to come.


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