What would you ask if you visited a fracking site?

We invited a group of Coloradans to come to Weld County to visit a fracking site to learn more about the energy development that not only supports thousands of good paying jobs across Colorado, but also helps provide the reliable energy that powers our homes and communities.

Check out the videos below to follow along on the visit, hear some of their questions, meet with the engineers and people in the field, and learn more about the process, regulations, and science of fracking.

Learn more about fracking and answers to common questions from Korby, an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager:

Did you know fracking only accounts for about 0.1% of all the water used in Colorado? Hear more from Matt, a Colorado drilling engineer:

Still have questions? Want to learn more about fracking? How much water does fracking use? Click here to get the facts on fracking in Colorado – from our state’s stringent regulations to how it powers our economy and supports our communities.


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