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Telling the story of Colorado oil and natural gas.

All across Colorado, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, the more than 232,000 people who make up our state’s oil and natural gas industry are hard at work creating the energy that powers our daily lives and strengthens our communities.

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The climate is changing. And Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry is part of the solution. We are cutting emissions, restoring the land after drilling, and reducing our impact. Because one dream we all have is to protect the world we all share. Learn more.


Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry works to reduce our impact and build a reliable energy future. Learn more.


Meet the people behind Colorado’s energy. No matter if they put on a uniform, pick up a hard hat, or sit down in front of a computer screen, the most important resource for our economy are the people who harness the power for dreams. Today, we want to introduce you to one of those people. Learn more.


The same power that flows beneath our feet today is the same lifeblood that has powered Colorado’s innovation, turned the engines of technology; fueled the passion of inventors, and driven the breakthroughs of science for decades. Learn more.

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Want to learn more about fracking? What is in fracking fluid? How much water does fracking use? Click here to get the facts on fracking in Colorado – from our state’s stringent regulations to how it powers our economy and supports our communities.


Tackling Climate Change

The Power for Dreams

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