Powering Colorado’s Tomorrow

Everything the oil and natural gas industry is doing today is about Colorado’s tomorrow.



Oil and natural gas development strengthens Colorado’s local communities — by keeping energy costs down, keeping our air clean, and supporting local economies as we look toward the future.

Tomorrow, our kids will become the next generation of engineers and scientists. Tomorrow, our parks and wildlife will continue to flourish. Tomorrow, the jobs we create will help grow communities. Tomorrow, we’ll have less greenhouse gas emissions and even cleaner and greener energy.

Powering Education

The future of technology and innovation starts in Colorado’s classrooms. Over the last 15 years, our state’s oil and natural gas industry has generated over $1.2 billion dollars to support the education of future engineers, scientists, and millions of Colorado public school students.


Fueling Our Economy

Oil and natural gas production supports hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs across Colorado. Since 2015, the oil and natural gas industry has supported over 200,000 jobs and generated an economic impact over $31 billion dollars.

Investing in Outdoors

Colorado is our home. Since 2009, the oil and natural gas industry has generated over $1.3 billion dollars in tax revenue that supports parks, roads, and infrastructure for Colorado. Tax revenue also helps fund soil conservation, wildlife conservation, invasive species control, and low-income energy assistance that make Colorado more prosperous.


Protecting Our Environment

For over a decade, Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry has used state of the art, innovative technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the risks of climate change while providing the energy Colorado needs. In fact, oil and natural gas have reduced emissions by 50% in the last ten years.

After Colorado passed strict Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) rules in 2014, Scientific American wrote that the new technology “captures 95% of emissions of both volatile organic compounds (VOCs)… and methane.” Colorado’s AQCC regulations also say, “improved technologies and business practices, many already utilized by Colorado oil and gas operators, can reduce emissions of hydrocarbons such as VOCs and methane in a cost-effective manner.” These new technologies, including leak detection and repair with infrared cameras, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep our air clean.


Powering Colorado’s Tomorrow

We may take different paths but we all want to go in the same direction. Towards better schools, stronger communities, more jobs, and clean, affordable energy. That’s the direction Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry is going. Stay tuned to learn more!

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