Colorado is a Leader on Methane Emissions Regulations


More than four years have passed since the adoption of Colorado’s groundbreaking regulations reducing methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations. Colorado was the first state in the nation to adopt these rules, which require the capture of air pollutants released during oil and natural gas operations. These regulations continue to help move Colorado’s energy future forward by promoting responsible energy production.

It’s not just Colorado. Other states are taking similar steps. America’s second largest natural gas producer and third largest oil producer are also adopting methane regulations. In 2016, Pennsylvania announced a four-point plan aimed at reducing leaks by proposing new permit requirements and new leak detection and repair programs. Similarly, California will soon require regular inspections for leak detection and repair for all facets of oil and natural gas production and the storage process.

Methane emissions have been on the decline in our country for years, and our regulations here in Colorado are helping to reduce them even more.

Carrie L. Horton Elected Chairperson of Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development

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