Colorado’s commitment to responsible energy development


For more than 70 years, Colorado has been one of the largest natural gas producers in the U.S. and a global leader in energy development, thanks to technology like hydraulic fracturing. And today, because of these breakthroughs in fracking technology, Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry continues to help grow our economy and shape the future of American energy. Decades ago, Colorado’s energy pioneers set out to make Colorado a leader in responsible energy production, and we’ve never stopped moving forward.

Colorado’s commitment to safe, responsible energy development

Colorado’s dedication to safe, responsible energy production is a defining characteristic of our great state. In fact, researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder announced in 2016 that a data analysis showed no incidents of methane contamination from new fracking wells. Thanks to new advancements in fracking technology, oil and natural gas development thrives alongside our farms, ranches, communities, and parks.

Fracking technology and horizontal drilling have unlocked a surplus of oil and natural gas across the country and proved the most effective way to meet America’s 21st century energy needs. As a result, Colorado is a national leader in responsible energy development.


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