Colorado: A Leader in Responsible Fracking


Colorado regulators, environmentalists, and oil and natural gas companies work together to keep fracking safe, and other states are taking notice of Colorado’s strict regulatory framework. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC)—the state agency charged with regulating Colorado’s oil and natural gas production—is one of the most transparent in the country. It posts all regulations directly on its website.

Check out our info-graphic to see just a few ways Colorado has raised the regulatory standard for fracking.

Colorado's fracking regulations are a model for the nation. Colorado is a proud leader in safe, responsible fracking. 1. Curbing Air Pollution: FIRST to pass groundbreaking methane regulations for oil & natural gas production. 2. Protecting Water: FIRST to require water sampling before & after drilling to ensure water remains safe. 3. Increasing Industry Transparency: First to require companies to disclose ALL chemicals--including concentrations--used in fracking fluid.


Carrie L. Horton Elected Chairperson of Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development

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