Broomfield town hall: Energy design ‘Airtight’

With the nation’s most stringent safeguards and regulations in place, Colorado is leading the charge in safe and responsible oil and natural gas development. In fact, multiple studies have come to the same conclusion as mayors and community leaders across Colorado: Fracking does not contaminate our ground water.

When residents in Broomfield had the opportunity to learn and discuss new oil and natural gas development in their area, the biggest topic they discussed was the safety advancements in fracking technology across our state. At the meeting, John Tonello, an engineering manager for a local project said of the new development:

“It’s so airtight in its design, it does not require an air permit by the state of Colorado, which has some of the most stringent air regulations in the nation.”

He went on to say the new development will actually clean the air in Broomfield by reclaiming existing wells and implementing the closed system they are planning on using.

In a previous town hall about potential developments in Broomfield, Windsor and Erie representatives (Joe Wilson, former Erie mayor and John Vazquez, former Windsor mayor) talked about the negotiations they had with various companies and the research they did into health and environmental concerns. Ultimately, they said, they found no substance in claims that this type of development leads to harmful effects, whether it be water or air.

Study after study has come to the same conclusion as Mayors Wilson and Vazquez have—that fracking does not contaminate our ground water. Safe and responsible oil and natural gas development allows our state to keep the lights on, our economy to thrive, and our nation to be a leader in energy production.

So pay attention to what is being said in these town halls, and know that the future of Colorado energy production is bright thanks to fracking.


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