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By Jon Haubert

Fracking has been a part of Colorado for the past 60 years. So let’s talk about it. Maybe you’ve heard your neighbors ask questions like these ones – or even asked them yourself:

Why do we need it?

How many wells have been fracked?CRED_StudyFracking_SocialGraphics2_Facebook

How deep does fracking go?

What do they put down there?

Does fracking get anywhere near our drinking water?

What does a fracking site look like?

How many people does it take to frack a well?

Why should I care about it?

You’re not alone. Fracking will be an important topic for all of Colorado this year and everyone should be able to get the facts.

You can find straightforward answers to these questions and more at, CRED’s new online resource for facts about fracking.

Visit today and remember to get the facts on fracking first before you make a decision.

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